Battlefield 1


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OS: Windows 7/10, CPU: 3 GHz, DirectX 11, RAM: 8GB

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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 will tell us about the First World War! Get ready to see guns with disk stores, flamethrowers, tanks, chemical attack, zeppelins, and ... cavalry with sabers.

Battlefield 1 Download Game Overview

Battlefield 1 will let you fight in epic 64 player multiplayer battles. This time with the option to use a horse to a tank fight and other amazing things. The game isn’t going to involve an alternate history timeline, focusing purely on the conflicts that ensued during the war. Get ready for a very realistic fights. You will visit a lot of locations in Italy, France and the Arabian Desert. The game includes many of an old historical weaponry. There will be more of a focus on skill, rather than weapons that you can see in modern Battlefield games. The series class system has been changed with more details....

Battlefield 1 Game Features

  • A lot of missions
  • Realistic battles
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Historical weapon

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