Acer Predator 21X is a heaviest and most expensive laptop ever built!

Posted by Angelica Smuart on in Giveaways Hardware

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This is real. Acer has actually released a Kraken Laptop, aimed at hardcore gamers. You have to be a hardcore gamer with a serious bank account because this laptop has a whooping price of $9,000.00 USD! This is not a joke.

acer predator 21x on sale

The Acer Predator 21 X release date is scheduled somewhere in February 2017. As far as Predator 21x specs go, you are looking at 19 Pounds of tightly packed electronics, including Intel Core i7 7820HK CPU, 64GB DDR4 Ram and 2 x Nvidia 1080 cards in an SLI mode with 8GB each.

Acer 21x has what all gamers supposedly crave. Electrolytes? No. A 21 inch G-Sync curved screen. If it's true or not remains to be seen.

There's a full RGB back lit mechanical keyboard along with a numeric pad that you can easily swap to a touchpad. Innovative? Maybe. Practical? Not so much. Do you game on a touchpad? I did not think so.


Let's speak more about this madness. Acer Predator 21 X has 9 heat pipes and 5 fans to cool all of that 19 pounds of top tier gaming hardware. Can you imagine how hot it must get if you keep your hands on it while playing? Not mentioning an amount of bad electromagnetic radiation emitted by all the components tightly packed under the hood of this Kraken laptop.

No one will argue the fact that it's something probably no other manufacture has done before. But is it practical? Well, it's for the consumer to decide. We have made our decision decision in the video above.

Basically, if you consider the Hardware, Weight and the Price of this Acer Predator 21x madness of a laptop, you are better off assembling or buying a high end desktop PC for half the price. This Acer gaming laptop is not going to be able to beat your build by any benchmarks possible. How likely are you to carry this thing around with you like you do a laptop? Did not think so. Just build a gaming desktop!