James Patterson Women's Murder Club: Twice in a Blue Moon. Game review receives a cryptic message!

Posted by Angelica Smuart on in Game Reviews

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Attention! There's a killer on the loose on the streets of San Francisco! A cryptic message leads Detective Lindsey to a deserted alley, where she found the body of a young woman. All evidence points to the fact that this murder is more than just a random killing, and the detective decides that it's time to involve a special group in investigation.

In Women's Murder Club: Twice in a Blue Moon, you play all four members of the titular group of friends from the books of acclaimed crime novelist James Patterson. Your commander: Lindsey Boxer is a detective from the San Francisco police force, Claire Washburn is a medical examiner, Cindy Thomas is a reporter on the crime beat, and Jill Bernhadt is the District Attorney. Each of these characters' skills will come in handy as you make your way through this series of strange murders.

Twice in a Blue Moon is primarily a hidden object genre game. You'll start out most of the investigations in the office of either Lindsey Boxer or Cindy Thomas, gathering items in order to proceed with the investigation. Gather all of the proof! Some of the items make sense, like getting your badge, or an envelope that has a clue to the killer's whereabouts. The purpose of other items is not always so clear. Sometimes you will need multiple baseball bats, or stars. But, in general, the hidden object sections are logical enough to keep you involved in the game. Some quests involve additional puzzles, like collecting all of the CDs from the collection, and then having to place them in the CD holder correctly, or using the letters on tokens to solve a bar game. This game keeps you on your toes!

There are other ways in which you will interact with the game. Throughout the game you will have to plug words and names into computer databases in order to lookup information relevant the case on which you are working. The words or names that you need to lookup are written on a post-it note at the bottom of the computer monitor, instead of having to search for them. The information is easy to locate in the database. You either get the information you are looking for, or you get nothing. No red herrings or false information to have to sift through.

As you progress through the game, you will also come upon other types of puzzles besides the standard hidden object fare. In one, you'll have to follow an archivist through the correct series of doors in order to make it down to the San Francisco public archives in the basement of the library. In another, you'll have to place wooden pieces into the correct holes in a puzzle box in order to open it. And during the finale of the game, you'll have to travel blindly through a basement maze for capture the killer. Keep your eyes open and help find the killer!

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