Pokemon Go is taking over the world of mobile gaming!

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The newest game Pokemon Go is a Pokemon’s greatest evolutionary leap in its entire 20-year history! Meet your favorite pokemons on a mobile platform, which mirrors its humble origins on the Game Boy. Go outside with Pokemon Go! Catch rare Pokemon with friends and make new friends along the way!

Pokemon Go has an interesting concept: you need to walk to real-life locations finding PokeStops - special places marked on a map on your phone to get bonuses and collect the Pokemon. Pokemon will pop up along your way. Catch them to gain XP and new creatures for your collection. Use those Pokemon to take over real-world objectives! Train them in a special Gyms and fight them against other players. The main advantage of the free-to-play Pokemon Go is how being out in the real world, you find hundreds of other people who love the game as much as you!The game brings the sort of crazy dream of Pokemon to life.

Without the social aspect Pokemon GO really just an extremely light RPG level-grinder. Pokemon Go’s success or failure based on that experience, and right now it’s stuck somewhere in between. It is a funny and unique game but also inconsistent and incomplete. It is listed as version 0.29 despite being released onto the App Store and Google Play without caveats. The actual mechanics of the game are not too interesting but it's social aspect is very exciting thanks to a few smart design decisions. Don't jump off a bridge because everybody’s doing it! But it is still great fun to play Pokemon Go.

This mobile game hit has achieved phenomenal influence over people. Stories abound of people having amazing encounters with total strangers while hunting for rare Pokemon. It’s taking over schools and workplaces, and hot Pokemon gathering spots are drawing crowds of players. This isn't just something you see on the news or social media, either. It can be encountered just by going outside yourself for searching some Pokemon.

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It is amazing that these pocket creatures fill the landscape, often in accordance to their terrain. It’s incredible to come across a water-type Goldeen around in the town center but you can find this type around large bodies of water. The simple act of leaving your house will open yourself to a wider, more diverse net of potential captures. But this fact, along with the high gym count in big cities, underscores the disadvantages of rural players. Most of them have relatively limited access to rare Pokemon.

Pokemon's Go social draw isn’t limited to adversarial team battles. Collecting can be a communal effort because no single Pokemon is exclusive to the first person who captures it. Once a 60 kilogram Charmander with 260 CP appeared at the cafe in San Francisco. Every player has a fair opportunity to capture it. This experience can be enhanced with lures, consumable items that attract more Pokemon to a set location.

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A few words about gyms. Gyms are a bit harder and tend to be found in popular areas like malls or parks. When a trainer reaches level five, he can join one of three teams – Mystic, Valor, or Instinct – and battle to control each Pokemon Gym. Players leave Pokemon behind to defend a Gym. Also any nearby players can fight these defenders in a bid for dominance.

The in-game shop offers a lot of optional items, though they may only be valuable to truly hardcore players. Much of the stuff can be acquired through general play, by leveling up, and checking in at landmarks. In classic free-to-play mode you can accelerate the majority of the shop items and the monster collecting process, whether you’re using lures and incense to attract Pokemon or hatch lucky eggs for a temporary experience bonus.

Download Pokemon GO and join the conquered hearts and minds of millions! FreeGamePick team thinks that this game so popular because it's social aspect. If you want to find new friends and became more social just download it from our site and start to play. Go on searching of new Pokemons and stuff around all your city! Train them in a Gyms with other players and participate in Pokemon battles. Have fun!