​Video games. A benefit or a harm?

Posted by Angelica Smuart on in Tricks, Tips, Press

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Nowadays there are many different genres of video games on the market. Many people think that games can be harmful, impair vision and reduce academic progress but we find many bits of scientific evidence to challenge these opinions. In fact, it is quite the opposite and video games can even be useful! Much of it depends on the genre and storyline of the game but every game has its advantages. Let's take a look at some of the misconceptions about the games.

1. Screen time hurts your eyes

"Do not sit too close when watching TV" - the famous phrase. I'm sure that many people have heard it from their parents or perhaps even caught themselves saying the thing same to children, but in fact games can improve eyesight! For example, a man suffering from an eye lesion spent 10 weeks playing a game. After 10 weeks his vision was improved and he regained the ability to distinguish colors. Hidden Object genre games are actually very useful for improving vision, focus and attention but playing more than 2 hours is not recommended so as not to overtax the human eye.

Playing games of this genre, you can improve many useful skills because the main goal of those games is finding hidden objects. This is a very exciting experience for all ages! You will be involved in an interesting story, listen to exciting fables and completing exploratory missions during such games so you will never get bored!


2. Video games decrease progress in education

Not at all! There are a lot of educational games that can draw children to difficult subjects or sports because learning by playing is more interesting then monotonous cramming. At our site you can find a section dedicated to cool math games! Also there are a lot of puzzles that improves logical thinking. You can find tons of games for increasing creativity. We even have drawing games for all ages!


3. Games increase autism

That is absolutely not true, even though in many movies they show gamers in the role of the stereotypical loner. Stereotypes are often very far from the truth. Multiplayer games will bring you a lot of communication, new friends from all over the world, and hours of fun hanging out with other people. Join the powerful clans, fight against evil and more. There are a tons of multiplayer games across various genres. For more serious people we can offer to play chess online with opponents, or compete in multiplayer logic three in a row genre games .


4. People become stupid from playing games

Not so! Many games will help you acquire new knowledge. On our site you can find a section filled with historical games and games based on different stories. Learn the historical characters and expand your mind! These games are very exciting and similar to a movie or a book. It's great experience to plunge into the atmosphere of an historical event or a famous novel! Also in the section with action games you can find several games based on historical wars and it seems as if you are touching history! Games develop our skills and also can tell you a lot our world.


5. Games instigate violence

Quite the contrary! We are sure that is better to kill a few virtual monsters in one of the hardcore games than to get aggressive in real life! If you are offended or angry you should not blame your problems on people. Just play any full of action shooter game and kill some monsters or zombies! These games are excellent at relieving stress! You'll see, half an hour after you start playing the game your bad mood will disappear, and you will be smiling as you are saving the world in your favorite new game!


6. Games are just for kids

Absolutely not! Did you know that senior citizen love puzzle games? After all, games keep the mind sharp and help improve memory! What about some mahjong or card games? You can enjoy card and board games with the whole family! On our website we have many different puzzles, mahjongchess and other card and board games.


We hope that our article cleared up some common misconceptions about gaming because games can be very useful. Just like anything else, you must know when enough is enough. Do not play more than 2 hours without a break, otherwise you can overdo it! Good luck!