My Singing Monsters
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My Singing Monsters

Ever heard a Monster sing? Welcome to My Singing Monsters... a world-building game with a monster of a twist! Join the legions of Monster maestros and conduct your very own symphony of monsters. Discover unique islands, hatch new creatures and collect them all to create musical Monsterpieces in this world-building game that’s sure to serenade your soul. With countless Monsters to collect, nurture and love, you’ll orchestrate harmonious hits and uncover musical talent you never thought you had. The more Monsters you assemble on the island, the bigger and better the sounds. Careful, you might even grow quite fond of a few of them. ...

  • Over 75 unique monsters to collect, nurture, and love
  • Amazing art, animation, and audio effects
  • Lush islands, each with its own musical theme
  • Dozens of wacky decorations and structures
  • Built-in social features and activities
  • New and exciting content is always in the works!

Game Screenshots