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Game Features for Nail Salon

Want to have a manicure? Come on, ornament your nails with this cool game Nail Salon! Create your own beautiful manicure designs in Nail Salon. You could paint on different skin color,choose from lots of polish color collections to custom paint nails, choose from tons of sparkling rhinestones, crystals, diamonds, pearls, stickers, patterns and much much more to decorate your nails. Also you are welcome to choose the customized nails from Salon. Take a photo with your colorful nails as our model girl. Share your own manicure in Nail salon with your friends, and you may also bring your favored creation to a manicurist! 6 millions of collections and most plentiful colors available to make all your ideas come true!

  • Various backgrounds available to switch
  • Four different skin tones
  • 12 nail shapes
  • 35+ rings
  • 50+ customized nails series