• 1. Open the Downloaded File
    Locate the downloaded (.exe) file and double click to open.

  • 2. Click 'Yes' or 'Run'
    Authorize the installer using the security dialog.

  • 3. Follow Installer Instructions
    Read the instructions to setup your software.

Download Free Full Version PC Game Aerial Fire

Aerial Fire

It is up to you to use your chopper skills to crush the terrorist base camp! Watch out, it is well defended and cleverly designed to make any head-on attack pointless. The terrorists have also created a new monstrous weapon and many new types of explosives. Naturally, the only way to stop the destruction is to annihilate the opponents while they are on the move! Be careful and plan the assault on the core base!

  • You get it all for Free - 24 large levels, 2 powerful bosses!
  • Fight with 100 different units 10 unique 3 to 7 level weapons
  • Get all of 15 different bonuses and use 5 different missile types
  • Five levels of difficulty for hardcore-gamers and the rookies
  • Download this Full Version PC game today and start the helicopter madness!