Bath Salts Zombies


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OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 CPU: 800 Mhz RAM: 512 MB

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Bath Salts Zombies

Save the South from nasty zombies and save your girl!

Bath Salts Zombies Download Free PC Game

You are a Marine. Returning back home from a war tour. Another hour or two and your girlfriend will be all over you! Not so fast, cause something down the South went terribly wrong. Hordes of bath salts infected locals risen and trying to eat and kill anyone they find! You must put an end to it and reunite with your beloved girlfriend in this modern tower defense game!...

Bath Salts Zombies Download Game Features

  • You get all 3 stages absolutely free!
  • Build defense towers, obtain new weapons
  • Download this Free Full Version game to PC today!
  • Use mouse, left click to shoot. Z- to drop a bomb, X- to nuke, SPACE - upgrades

Game Video and Screenshots

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