Dark Souls III: Day 1 Edition


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OS: Windows 7/8, CPU: 3.1 GHz, DirectX 11

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Dark Souls III: Day 1 Edition

Dark Souls III is a game with a lot of valleys and peaks and dark places. Go down through dungeons and up over castle walls. Your goal is to escape from places we don't belong.

Dark Souls III: Day 1 Edition Download Game Overview

Dark Souls 3 very like at the like past games in the series. This is an action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Traps and nasty monsters can kill players one by one very quickly so players need quick reflexes or, barring that, the patience to learn from their many deaths. Players can invade each other's games to attack or help fellow adventurers. Developer From Software said in the past that the gameplay for Dark Souls 3 will be based closely on DS2, albeit with tweaks such as additional character options and additional special moves. ...

Dark Souls III: Day 1 Edition Game Features

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Mysterious storyline
  • Amazing 3D graphics

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