Day D: Time Mayhem


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OS: Windows 7/XP/Vista; Processor 1 GHz; 256 MB RAM

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All Ages

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Day D: Time Mayhem

Onwards to the past! Learn the real power of science!

Day D: Time Mayhem Download Free PC Game

Create the future! You tripped into history, or to be precise – you fell straight into the past. Well, will you defeat the dinosaurs with your shiny smartphone? It's all in your hands now in this uncompromising battle for survival of the species! Find out who's stronger – the technology of the future, or brute force....

Day D: Time Mayhem Download Game Features

  • The technologies of the future against fossilized species!
  • Fight against thousands of enemies!
  • Fearsome weapons and unique opponents!
  • Excellent game balance!

Game Screenshots