Jewel Quest Heritage


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Jewel Quest Heritage

More Mayan mysteries and matching!

Jewel Quest Heritage Download Free PC Game

Unravel a hundred year mystery in Jewel Quest Heritage! You must return to the ancient Mayan pyramids and help save the day! The priceless Golden Jewel Board has been wrongly confiscated by the government and will be hand delivered to the evil Sebastian Grenard. You must help Rupert, a private investigator, recapture the Golden Jewel Board by uncovering old family secrets hidden within the shadowy castles and shrines in Cortes. Find the truth and stop Sebastian Grenard's evil plans!...

Jewel Quest Heritage Download Game Features

  • Fantastic gameplay
  • Feel the excitement of a gripping mystery
  • Great action-save the Golden Board!
  • Download this free full version PC game today!

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