Mushroom Age


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OS: Windows XP/Vista/8 CPU: 600 Mhz RAM: 512 MB

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Mushroom Age

Help Vera track down her lost love!

Mushroom Age Download Free PC Game

Help Vera track down her lost love through thrilling epochs of earth's past and future! Battle the forces of evil through challenging puzzles and time-twisting mini-games! Explore world history first-hand and interact with ancient sages and fearsome, pre-historic predators! Save Tom, the world, and time itself in this expansive Hidden Object game. Why`s it called Mushroom Age? Take a trip through time today and find out! ...

Mushroom Age Download Game Features

  • Mesmerizing mini-games
  • Strange and amazing landscapes
  • Save the past and future!
  • Amazing Hidden Object Game for free!

Game Screenshots