The Juicer


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Desktop or laptop computer. Dell, Lenovo, HP, Gateway or compatible. Pentium or Core 2 Duo Processor. XP, Vista or Windows 7 Operating system.

Suggested Age

All Ages

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The Juicer

Get into shooting range with a user-friendly gameplay!

The Juicer Download Free PC Game

A cheerful first person virtual shooting range with a user-friendly gameplay. The scene takes place in the near future in the territory of a fictitious country. In order to increase his crops, a farmer decides to use a new experimental substance to enlarge the size of fruits and vegetables and boost their growth speed. However, fruits and vegetables he got suddenly began to mutate, learned to move on their own and think. And at some point they decided to take their revenge upon humanity for the experiments on them… The gameplay includes elimination of vegetables and fruits attacking a player, thus harvesting their juice....

The Juicer Download Game Features

  • 36 levels at 5 locations
  • 25 types of enemies
  • 5 types of enemy transports
  • 13 types of weapons and upgrades
  • 12 types of bonuses

Game Video and Screenshots

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