Important License Information:
All of the PC games that are available for a download at FreeGamePick are licensed to us for a distribution as freeware by its respective owners or other publishers. There are no pirated or cracked versions available. Only legal software.

The FreeGamePick Installer uses InnoSetup to install a game to your computer.

The FreeGamePick Installer DOES NOT contain any THIRD-PARTY OFFERS or UNWANTED SOFTWARE!

When you download a game from our website, you are only receiving an Installer that contains a licensed game.

Every game file that you download from our site is Digitally Signed by our Licensor FreeGamePick. Our games are tested daily against any Viruses, Malware by leading security solutions such as Symantec's Norton SECURED.

If a game that you have obtained does not contain FreeGamePick's Digital Signature, we suggest that you do not proceed with its installation.

You can uninstall FreeGamePick games at any time by going to the Add/Remove (Click to Learn More) programs section of your computer. Our Installer for Windows work on any computer that has Internet Explorer 7 or above and is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7. Enjoy Free Full Version PC game downloads and apps for your Windows 8/10 computer - Play Now!