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FreeGamePick team greeting you, soldier! Congratulations! You found the big and very action category of best shooting games. Here we have compiled a huge number of premium titles in this category of "shooter" like games. You can play online and download for PC, as you wish. All shooting games has full version and absolutely free. We will never ask you to pay for the game.

All the games here are full of different missions and styles, and we are confident that you will find what you want. Whatever fits your play system. Computer, tablet or a phone. We got you covered any time you download shooting games from us. There's no in-gameplay advertising, remember that.

This games it is not just shooters where men killing the monsters - actually this broad genre includes a lot of interesting stuff. We have a lot of helicopter, space and military-historical shooters; many games Crimsonland-style; Action shooting games - quests where you have to perform the mission; there are alien shooter, and more! Let look closer on some games. Feel yourself the very brave hero in Miami Zombies. Your goal is to save your girl from the Miami Zombies. Do your best in this exciting zombie shooting games!

If you like to fly we can offer you Aerial Fire. Hurry, jump in the helicopter cabin and bring the end of war! If you want to have some war fun try the Circular Tank game. Pick your entertainment on your age and mood in this wide section. Good luck, soldier and have fun playing our free shooting games!

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Also knows as "Shooter game or Shoot em Up" are the games where your speed and reaction time are tested. Try many of our free Shooting Games that we have combined for you here. You will play with guns, lasers, machine guns, bows, bombs or even a stone. There are plenty of games with different weapon choices. Many of your favorite game characters are waiting to have you lead them to a victory! Shoot evil zombies, aliens, enemy soldiers, cars, tanks, space ships and more. Use (load more games) button to display more games. Browse our Shooting Games for PC section or play our free online shooting games that are designed to run directly from your browser. Adobe Flash Player must be installed.