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Welcome to the big category with free arkanoid games. Here you can find a lot of arkanoid games online and for downloading on PC. Arkanoid is a very old genre. In the most of this games your goal is to break bricks in the up of the screen. If you lost your ball one life will disappear too. In some arkanoids bricks can drop down bonuses and other things that simplify passing level.

You can find here a lot of free arkanoid games and arkanoid games online. If you want some 3D arkanoid fun try Fun and Bullets PC arkanoid game. This is a cool arkanoid style game that will give you an addictive arcade gameplay with a hint of logic. You play a cowboy in Wild West. Your goal is to to clear the range controlled by Indians, using a tennis-like ball while they are sleeping. Aim the ball carefully to cause a series of dynamic actions. If you want to play online try Hardcore Arkanoid. This is classical version of arkanoid.

You can find here a lot of arkanoids on every liking. Just look on the list and pick something to play.