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Free Ninja Games for Computer, Laptop or Mobile

Do you ever admire ninjas? Their grace, dexterity and other skills are really perfect. They was a best warriors in the ancient Chinese and Japan. Some of their martial arts was saved and we can learn it in our days. Ninja games is always exciting and full of action. Plunge into the ancient ninja world and feel yourself like a super fighter with mystery abilities playing a games from this collection. Learn new tricks, kill foes with your special combat maneuvers and much more!

Let look at some games more closer. Run Ninja Run 2 is a very special ninja game. You will play as a Japan ninja. Escape from danger situation and start your way. This Japanese action game will put your reaction speed to the test. You can play this one just in your browser window. For mobile gamers we can offer to try NinJump. This is one of the most popular mobile app of all time. For strategy fans Pocket Ninja will be a nice choice. Command and merge ninjas to defeat enemies! You will battle barbarians and others soldiers in each round. Before winning a match, you can combine the ninjas into larger forces. Or split up your soldiers to create more units and kill multiple enemies at once! Pick some games that you like and go hard like a real ninja!