Fat No More - Get Me Fit Fast
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Fat No More - Get Me Fit Fast

Can you get everyone fit? Lets chek it in this funny game! Run the treadmill, Lift weight, jump the rope, and more! Warm-up and let’s start! Fat is burned and pride is earned! You know how candy, pizza and burgers are delicious. But they have a price that cost more than money and it starts to be charged when extra fat begins dangling off by the flanks! You are a great personal trainer -- the best of the kind actually -- and people will come to you with the most diverse reasons to get fit: summer slim down, fit the maid of honor dress, preparing for a marathon, vacation weight gain, feel confident for flirting again or for health issues such as gain or lose weight to live a healthier life. ...

  • Fitness fun minigames
  • Motivation
  • A lot of characters

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