My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
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My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

Enjoy catchy tunes, wonderful 3D graphics and intuitive gameplay in this exciting prequel to the hit mobile sensation My Singing Monsters. When you unlock each cute character, their unique musical stylings will be added to the song to build the symphony. Some monsters are vocal virtuosos and others play amazing instruments. Until them hatch, it's a surprise! Want to grow your own Singing Monsters? Breed Monsters with different elements together to create new breeds! Level them up by feeding them and rewarding them stuff they like and nurture your very own monster orchestra. Collect resources, build impressive structures and master the intricate new crafting system! ...

  • Each monster has its own voice!
  • Breed and grow your monster musicians!
  • Craft a multitude of unique items!
  • Discover new lands and catchy tunes!

Game Screenshots