Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure
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Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure

A dreadful Event took place in the Manor and completely ruined the ordinary life of its inhabitants. Their deeply loved master Mister X has suddenly disappeared leaving nothing but a strange message. Only you can break the secret of the Mystery Manor. Jump into the crazy hidden objects action! Mystery Manor is a mystery-style hidden objects game. In a mystic mansion, inhabited by strange but lovely people, spooky monsters and funny ghosts you’ll have to find hidden objects, unlock new rooms and complete quests. Mystery Manor is a never-ending game. New quests, rooms, characters are being added on a regular basis. Unlike all other Hidden Objects genre games, you will never finish the game. Despite of the great gameplay and premium graphics quality, the game is absolutely free! ...

  • This game works in offline mode without Internet
  • Explore through the atmosphere of mystery
  • Captivating detective story line
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • A wide variety of objects to search and puzzles to solve
  • Never-ending mystic gameplay

Game Screenshots