Poker Buddies
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Poker Buddies

Poker Buddies is more than a simple poker game! It is exciting Texas Hold' em poker, where you don't have to be logged in all the time to play. You can play when you have some free time and you get a notice when its your turn to make a move. The goal is to knock out your opponent and take all of their chips. You will play a Heads Up (1 on 1) game with tournament rules. The game will not be complete until all chips are in 1 player’s possession so try to do your best. It is a very good choice for poker fans. ...

  • Turn based poker game lets you play multiple games simultaneously!
  • Play with your buddies, or start a game instantly with a random opponent.
  • Invite buddies through Facebook and Twitter
  • Simple Layout and Easy to Play
  • Chat with your opponent during the hand

Game Screenshots