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Battlefield 1942 is one of the best first person shooter game initially released on 28th of June in 2002. This game was developed by Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment and published by the Electronic Arts. Battlefield 1942 is designed on refractor engine and had the best ratings and reviews after its release. This game was an installment of the Battlefield series. The players can play in both single and multiplayer mode. Game play and the theme of this game can also be altered. Player has to adopt one role from five different roles which are named as Scout, Assault, Anti-Tank, Medic and the Engineer. While playing the multiplayer mode, every role has to dominate towards the enemy.

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There are many exciting features which make it the best World War II game available till date. You can fly the aircraft’s which were used during the WWII. Battlefield 1942 also gives you the option to navigate the capital ships and the submarines. This game demands a very competitive focus from all of the players. The game is based on the war between the Axis Powers and the Allies. Players have the option to join any team from these two. The whole team has to keep an eye on the area control while destroying the enemy forces.

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In Battlefield 1942, each team has a number of tickets at the start of the game, every personal killed will cost them a loss of ticket and the team ran out of tickets will lose. You need to install a 128 MB gaming card on your PC to enjoy this game with all of the high quality graphics and animations. If this card is not installed, you can still enjoy this game with a bit lower quality of graphics.

Every game have several reviews, and the new players go through the reviews before they start playing, so, let’s discuss some of the best features and some cons of this game as well briefly:


  • Multi player, multi vehicle game
  • Attractive graphics and animations
  • Drive the tanks and other rare rides
  • Best WWII game
  • Real time developing game
  • Impressive weather effects and changes
  • Air battles are amazing
  • Real sound effects


  • No major storyline and lacks lead character
  • Game concept is far from realism
  • Whole plot of the game almost looks the same
  • Female voice as the instructor is not appropriate at all
  • Air battle design is weak and has no take-off graphics
  • Maps are so wide and huge
  • It’s a war game but no blood graphics in it

Players while playing Battlefield 1942 can be a part of any team, Allies or the Axis Powers. Allies are the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union, while the Axis Powers are Germany and Japan. This game has amazing different features, unlike other war games. The whole team needs to fight with coordination to succeed, as the team work factor is very important. Every weapon or a destructive vehicle has a counter weapon in this game.

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Let’s discuss the powers of the specific roles who dominate in Battlefield 1942. All of the players have their own vital importance and skills. The first role is Scout, who has long surveillance, extremely high stopping powers and the ability to spot the enemy position as well. Assault is the second role that is aggressive in nature and fires the enemy hard. Anti-Tank is a key player with a lot of the powers, as it can destroy vehicles and tanks of the opponents. Medic has the ability to heal him and his team mates to boost their energy during the game play. The fifth role is an engineer; this role is focused on repairing the destroyed vehicles and the weapons of his team as well.

After knowing a lot of the facts about this sensational game, now your willingness to play this game will be high for sure. You should download Battlefield 1942 today and start playing along with your team.