Why breed cows over pigs in Minecraft?

Posted by Angelica Smuart on in Tricks, Tips, Press

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Breeding cows over pigs in Minecraft is a practical way to ensure that players have ample amounts of meat and leather. Cows can be bred by feeding two cows wheat. The two cows must be standing within 5 blocks of each other and will then produce a calf after several minutes. 

Pigs, on the other hand, can be bred by providing two pigs with carrots, beetroots or potatoes. After the two pigs have been fed, they will produce a piglet shortly afterwards. Cows are generally more preferred for breeding due to their ability to produce milk, which is necessary for crafting several items in addition to the raw material produced from them (leather). 

Pigs cannot provide milk which limits their potential contribution to the game. Additionally, it takes longer for pigs to become adults than it does for cows — approximately 10 minutes as opposed to five minutes for cows — making their potential yield less than that of their bovine counterpart. 

Breeding cows over pigs also provides players with an additional source of renewable food without having to constantly go out hunting for more animals. All in all, breeding cows over pigs proves itself advantageous in many ways and should be given preference over swine when deciding upon an animal species to breed in Minecraft.

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