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Welcome to the collection of the best clicker games. This games are simple and often combined several genres from RPG to time management and building. It is a very good choice for quick rest. All our best clicker games are free and has full versions.

We want you to see some of them more closer. Prepare to take charge over The Ultimate Clicker Squad. Defeat the hordes of evil creatures with your brave army. They are terrorizing your magic forest and it can lead to very bad things for you. You can earn gold by clicking onto the creatures. You must make upgrades, hire new staff and buy potions to defeat all nasty monsters. Don't let them get in your forest. Do your best - fight!

The next clicker title may be useful for people who dream about popularity in the internet. Become the professional of social media in this funny clicker title Tapularity. Click very fast to earn money and bring your stats up. When you earned enough money buy some upgrades and new abilities. As you invest your salary in ads and socials which will help you to progress a lot.

And the last clicker game will be a very good choice for girls. Raise baby dragons and save the Prince in Dragon Keeper 2. The evil witch is back and causing trouble in this exciting Time Management game! The Prince has been turned into a goldfish by the evil witch and the Princess has to save her beloved husband. Enlist help from the magical dragons to break the spell on the Prince. Have fun with our clickers games!