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Free Mahjong Games for PC - Full Versions

Welcome to the big section of mahjong PC games. If you never play mahjong - try it now! Mahjong is a very ancient Chinese genre. Your goal to find a part of the similar tiles and collect it. It is not to simple because one are hidden under another and you can touch only visible blocks.

There are many PC games in mahjong style. You can find here a lot of adventures, where you need listen some story or solve interesting quests by playing mahjong. This entertainment is very good for improving your attention and logic skills. Also it makes you calm as a Tibetan monk. By the way, about Tibet. We can offer you one fine PC game in Tibetan style. It is called Mahjong Quest. Use your magical tiles to defeat the dragons and become King in that incredible journey! Also try Mahjong Royal Towers. It is very exciting game with cool graphics. You will visit about six locations and pass more than 100 levels in that adventure. This genre are good for every age and for family play.

Don't worry about install on your PC. Our apps work fine and it compatible with many operating systems as Windows (98 / XP / Vista, Windows 7/8). Let's go to the wonderful world of that ancient games! Choose the one app that you like, download in on your computer and enjoy!