Village Life: Love, Marriage and Babies
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Village Life: Love, Marriage and Babies

START YOUR FAMILY TODAY! Play the smash hit game played by over 15 million people! Guide your villagers through life from babies to adulthood helping them fall in love, date, get married and grow old with families of their own. Find food, craft tools, toys and buildings to create a thriving, happy village then expand to exciting new lands! AND THERE’S MORE! - Enjoy specially crafted one-off stories regularly added to the game that bring continued fresh twists and turns to the lives of your villagers. ...

  • Find LOVE and set up dates with your friends’ villagers.
  • Have lots of BABIES and name them!
  • Raise FAMILIES and track relationships using the family tree.
  • Form a new tribe and JOURNEY to exciting new lands.
  • Pass SKILLS to future generations of villagers and add more.
  • Keep your villagers fed by FARMING, FISHING and GATHERING food.

Game Screenshots