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Free Scary Games for Computer, Laptop or Mobile

Welcome to the dark and frighten collection of free scary games. If you like mysticism, ghosts, zombie and vampires it is a perfect choice for you. Solve some mystery things and murders playing our really scary games. There are a lot of games for every age and every liking.

Let look at some of them more closer. The first scary PC title Dreamscapes: The Sandman. Young Laura didn't have bad dreams after her father gave her the Dreamcatcher. But one day Laura loses the Dreamcatcher and she gets trapped in a nightmare that might never end. Be the one to save her! Travel to Laura’s dreamworlds, fight her deepest fears and solve numerous puzzles to find hints to Laura's salvation in this breathtaking adventure game!

The next scary offer for online players Cube Escape: Birthday. Welcome to the winter 1939 in Rusty Lake. You are celebrating your birthday with your mom, dad and grandpa. Actually a great event, but not today, since an odd visitor arrived and something really bad happened. Solve strange mysteries and find a way to get out this damn situation. You need a good logic to pass this quests.

And the last Vampireville. The government will soon obtain the right to sell Malgrey Castle because no heir has claimed the property for 100 years. All of the appraisers that were sent by your boss have gone crazy, including one of your close colleagues. Now it’s your turn! Unlock the secrets of this property using your Hidden Object skills. Look at the all scary adventures and find some more eciting for you. Good luck!