Apothecarium World


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OS: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 CPU: 1.0 GHz RAM: 512MB DirectX: 9.0

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All Ages

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Apothecarium World

Renaissance Italy has been hit by the plague. A legendary city may hold the cure, but does it even exist?

Apothecarium World Download Free PC Game

A mysterious and terrifying disease raged across Italy during the Dark Ages, leaving a path of death and despair in its wake. In this game you will have to help the citizens of the village Apothecarium. Lead the villagers of this magical place in their struggle against the evil Alchemist who is responsible for creating and spreading this terrible plague!...

Apothecarium World Download Game Features

  • Immerse in an unmistakable and impervious endeavor
  • Research Italy mid the Renaissance
  • More than 60 unique locations to explore

Game Screenshots

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