Fidget Spinner: The latest little ‘in hand’ game sensation

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Sitting idle? What to do! This question nowadays is getting only one answer, and that is ‘get a fidget spinner‘. So, what is a fidget spinner? Did we know about it a year ago? It arrives on the market in December 2016 and the popularity touches the sky within the next few months. Before December 2016, fidget spinners were produced at a minor level. But, after the hype, now even the biggest companies are producing several types of fidget spinners. Different fidget spinners are of different prices. It is a hand toy which keeps you engaged while sitting around anywhere. It consists of a bearing in the center and has a multi-lobed flat structure which helps it to spin smoothly. Like if you are not habitual of sitting still like many of the other people in this world, you should get a fidget spinner and keep yourself engaged.

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This is quite clear that the fidget spinner got extremely popular during the year 2017. Students in schools are using them in masses as these spinners are a huge source of attention for them especially. According to a research conducted by an American organization, fidget spinners are banned in almost thirty-two percent schools of the United States of America. The reason was students are not paying attention to their studies and academic activities properly. Some researchers say that fidget spinners are also a source of releasing your psychological stress, but it is not proved scientifically yet. Fidget spinners are also called useless machines which keep you engaged for no beneficial reasons. But, these spinners are highly addictive, once you start spinning them, you just can’t resist. Model of these spinners has some uniqueness that attracts the users. 

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Another question which pops up while talking about these spinners is the idea of this gadget. It started in 1993 when Catherine Hettinger requested a patent to create a spinning toy. Media outlets like The Guardian, New York Times and others published it. Later in 2005, she loses the patent because she was not able to launch her idea and creation commercially. Recently, Catherine confirmed that she is not the founder of fidget spinners. This widget is made of two to three-pronged and a bearing in the center, bearing helps this gadget to spin faster. The bearing can also adjust spin time, noise and vibration of the fidget spinner.

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How many types of fidget spinners are available in the market worldwide? Well, there are different types and they depend upon the use of material while producing these gadgets. A number of companies are producing the fidget spinners and there are several materials from which these spinners can be produced. Some of these materials are brass, stainless steel, wood, titanium, aluminum, plastics and others. The price of the fidget spinner depends on the material from which this gadget is made. For example, a renowned company recently released the world’s most expensive fidget spinner which is coated with hundred grams of gold and the price fixed for this spinner is thirteen thousand pounds. Fidget spinners made from different materials are not all the same but all of these gadgets are similar in use. Spinners made from the wood material are the lightest in weight and can be used as a table decoration at your workplace. They are more durable and easy to use as compared to the other forms of fidget spinners. There is another kind of spinners which are 3D printed, gadgets with these printings are cheaper in price but not effective to use in the long run as they have a very low quality.

So, the reason behind the popularity of this latest little gadget is obviously the engagement factor. Many of the people are habitual of keeping their hands moving while sitting anywhere. A research that says fidget spinners are a source of releasing your mind pressures and relaxing is also a big reason for the popularity of this gadget.