Microsoft’s Classic Hit Solitaire Game Has Now Been Inducted Into the World Video Game Hall of Fame

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Microsoft originally distributed its game of Solitaire on every single version of its operating system from 1990 all the way through Windows OS 8.1. Now the ubiquitous game is a downloadable casual videogame, and it has easily been installed on more than a billion computers worldwide! Its popularity made it an obvious choice for such a prestigious award from the Video Game Hall of Fame.

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The World Video Game Hall of Fame was created in 2015. Their official home office is in The National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York. Each year the Video Game Hall of Game decides on a select group of new inductees to honor for their accomplishments.

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According to the World Video Game Hall of Fame, they felt that, “Microsoft Solitaire demonstrated that there existed a vast market for games that appeal to people of all types, paving the way for the growth of the casual game market. While it was not a new game, Microsoft Solitaire was tremendously influential and is, perhaps, one of the most widely played games of all time.” A spokesman for Microsoft, Paul Jensen, who is a studio manager for Microsoft Casual Games, said the induction of Microsoft Solitaire was quite historic. Mr. Jensen added that, “We are humbly honored to have the opportunity to work on a game that has such broad appeal, is localized into 65 languages, and played in over 200 markets around the world, including Antarctica.”

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