Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Trailer Review

Posted by Angelica Smuart on in Tricks, Tips, Press Game Reviews

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Seems like that the Minecraft story mode season 2 trailer has struck the internet as a sensation. Minecraft’s season 2 is the Talk of the game town after the release of Hero in Residence’s trailer. Many people consider the first episode’s trailer very amazing and are anxiously waiting for it as well, while on the other hand; there are some people who think that there is nothing special and new to go crazy about it. So, keeping that in view, we will be taking a deep insight of the new trailer of Minecraft season 2. To discuss all of the new sensations; this trailer seems to have and also the curse and repetitive part of it.

Well, all of the viewers must agree that Hero in Residence’s trailer looks really adventurous and attractive to play. Telltale has added up some new factors to make the environment of this season appealing. Like the newly introduced underwater temple which looks beautiful. The voice work has also being effective in the trailer. But what about Jesse and company? Would they be able to head the new season as the heroes? It’s a very common question raised because the whole group with Jesse have been underdogs and separated in the first season of Minecraft. So, it will be interesting to see how they takeover. The new trailer reveals that the story revolves around a magical gauntlet that looks a bit weird. Seems like that Telltale has made no structural or style changes in this part, because the 2nd season seems quite similar to the 1st season of Minecraft.


Telltale is adding up an interesting feature in this newer season and that is of ‘crowd play’. This feature will let your friends to play the desired part in the game; just with the help of a mobile phone with an active internet connection. Animations and characters are mostly similar. By changing them, telltale may have earned great appreciation from the players. While there are some characters that are doing their debut in the 2nd season of Minecraft and they are named as Radar, Jack, Nurm, Stella and a new animal companion named as Lluna. So, it’s complicated to say right now what to expect from this new release of Minecraft. Another point critics has raised is that Telltale has been using the same core engine from past so many games.


Players of Minecraft season 1 must know that there were some characters in the season 1 who were suffering from depth problems; so we hope that there is no such drawback in the upcoming season. Music in the trailer of Hero in Residence was quite appealing as it adds a special charm while playing the game regularly. The players who liked the first season will like the upcoming season because of the relevance. But, the new players will be giving the right feedback for the upcoming season. Minecraft basically targets the audience from younger ages and there are chances that this is the reason for clearing the choices for the users in the trailer. Storyline of this season seems very dramatic as compared to the first one. Inclusion of new characters may play the part of attraction in the upcoming season.


The players of the season 1 will hopefully start their new season where they left the previous one. Minecraft has the potential to attract the players towards it development with the help of new adventures. The impressive and attractive trailer of Minecraft season 2 is setting the expectation of the players high. At the end, we would like you to give your opinion at the end in the comments section; to let us know that what is your observation on the release of Minecraft season 2 first story trailer ‘Hero in Residence’! Also, do not forget to download Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 here