Overwatch: New Features and Downloads

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Overwatch is an online action game which has a lot of thrills and attractive graphics for the players. This game can be played online and has the option to download it on Windows. It is also available to play on Play Station 4 and Xbox One. This game won the ‘best game of the year award’ at the 17th Annual Games Developer Choice awards. With that, it also won the award for the ‘best design’ at the GDC 17. Overwatch is one of the best of all of the steam games available in the market nowadays. This game is developed and published by the Blizzard developers who have been producing several impressive and award winning games in the past as well.

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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer game, in which the players have different roles to play. It was released in May during the year 2016. It has total 24 characters with different and unique powers and the players can choose any type of character while they are playing the game. Heroes are with unique skills and every hero has one special move which makes him entirely different from the other heroes. While playing, characters of this game can earn different rewards like the new skin and poses, but these rewards will not boost their performance in any way. This is just an attraction to engage the players to this game.

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The popularity of online multi player games is increasing with the passage of time. And this is quite attracting for the developers to work on all of the features of the steam games. It was initially introduced as a casual game which has different arcade modes to play. Later on, developers added characters, maps and the multi-playing feature to this game, which gave it the major part of its popularity among the gamers. Blizzard also mentioned that the updates for this game will remain free. Developers of overwatch have developed many popular games like Titan, Star Craft, Heroes of the Storm and others. Overwatch was initially promoted with the short animated videos which had a huge response from the audience.

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This game is based on four different role categories which mainly dominate while playing. There will be two teams, comprising of 6 players each. Characters in each team have their own role to play. Teams will work together to attack, defend and destroy the rivals within the provided time. This game also has a restriction of limited time, in which a team has to achieve its desired target. So, let’s talk about the most attractive part of this game. And that is of the roles, different players are going to play in a team while playing. There are four major roles named and briefly described below:

Offense: Offense players have to deal with the damage, analyze the area position, harass the opponents and have to dominate toward the rivals.

Defense: These players will be playing a role to defend their team, choking their rivals and to trap them with different strategies

Tank: This character has the most of the hit points while playing, these characters are able to fire the enemy away and they dominate the most towards the enemy

Support: These characters are here to support and enhance the performance of the other team players. They usually don’t damage the rival directly and are said to be the utility characters as well

Overwatch is played on several maps in standard and competitive game modes. Maps are also used in some of the special arcade game options. Each map has a specific game play which entertains the players as per the rules. There are different kinds of maps in overwatch game which are named below:

> Assault
> Escort
> Hybrid
> Control

So, overwatch is a sensational game which has different modes to play. The biggest attraction of this game is that there are number of persons engaged and playing a single game at the same time. Playing overwatch along with your friends is an attraction for sure. You can download overwatch free from FreeGamePick and enjoy this amazing game whenever you want.