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Free Hockey Games for Computer, Laptop or Mobile

Welcome to the section filled with free hockey games! You can find here air and ice hockey games for every age. Ice hockey games full of passion and speed! It is a very good choice to improve your skating skills and rest after a hard day. And air hockey games are nice for improving reaction and accuracy skills. Hockey games today is very popular among all age players.

Let's see some of them more closer. If you want some action try Slapshot 2K3. Shoot the puck in the exciting hockey match! Hit as many targets as possible! Rules is simple so try to win! For younger hickey fans we can offer Penguin Hockey. Play the air hockey with penguins. Compete against these strange opponents in Arctic. Swat the puck toward your competitor’s goal to score as many points as possible. You must outscore your opponent within the time limit to win. Move quickly to guard your goal. Show to these penguins your hockey skills.

And for the list a good choice for mobile gamers Glow Hockey. This game an easy to play, but hard to master. This very bright sports title has many interesting special aspects. Colorful graphics and fast, realistic physics don't get you bored. You can play with the computer opponents or play with your friends. The game has several levels and modes to choose from. Choose one of our free hockey games and start to challenge! Become a real hockey profi!