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Welcome to the collection of free logic games. This entertainments are very good for everyone because them improve your attention and logic skills. You can find here logic games for kids and for adults. Free logic games combine different exciting tasks and belong to different genres There are a lot of entertainments on your liking and age. In this section you can see online, mobile and PC free logic games so you can run it on a platform you want.

Let's see some titles more closer. Engineering - Mystery of the Ancient Clock nice PC logic game for every age. Clock is a captivating Match 3 game in which you must uncover the secrets of the Ancient Chronograph. In a unique twist, you move the rows, not the game pieces! Your goal on each level is to gather the clock parts you need to repair the Chronograph before time runs out!

The next offer for mobile player will be good for children. Red n Green - the app you wanna play! Red n Green - is probably the cutest physics-based puzzle game you have ever played! This mobile app is about two cuties that look like round cats. And these cuties like sweets more than anything else! Your task is to feed cuties with candies of matching colors.

And the last one logic title for online players 3-D Logic. A mind-boggling logic 3-D puzzle! Link every pair of colored markers to complete a cube. Play free logic games at our site!