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Welcome to collection of cool school games. School life it the best time for all the kids and toddlers! They spend this time with all the friends and learn a lot of interesting things. You will enjoy the school life and learn many new things during our fun school games. It is a very good choice for every age because more older players can plunge in them school happy ages.

Also you can find here some educational school bus games like SCHOOL BUS - Free Parking. Try your skill at parking school buses with this simulator and learn something new! Move accuracy left, right, back and forward until your favorite bus is in that perfect spot. This is not just like any other simulation game. It’s a very fun and realistic game that’s sure to bring thrill to everyone.

If you want to listen some amazing story play School Day Hidden Pro. Meet Deborah is a mathematics teacher. She gets a new work and she has to move into another city. Deborah arrives at her new working post in a primary school. She wants to look around the school on the environment where she is going to work for the next four years.

For improving your math skills we can offer to try Inside Out Math Quiz online game. Riley is in front of the most important math test and feels fearful. It is in front of the blackboard and all classmates, and each answer will change the mood of Riley. Pick a title that you like and start to play some free and cool school games at our site! All games are free and do not contain advertizing. Go to the amazing adventures or learn something new playing these games.