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If you a fan of Minecraft this collection of free Minecraft inspired or just minecraft games will be the best choice for you. There are a lot of amazing adventures are waiting for you in 8 bit Minecraft world. Many minecraft style games were developed by fans all around the world. Not all of them seem to be approved by Majong, but they are usually free to play and can be found on many online game sites around the internet.

If you like this famous game you will find here many interesting offers. Let's see some free Minecraft games more closer. The first title Minecaves is a Minecraft inspired puzzle game. It's no longer available here, but you can search for it, using search bar on top. You must collect all the gems while avoiding dungeon protectors. Find the exit of the cave and move to the next level. Another game Minecraft Mega Parking. You get behind the wheels of a fancy car and drive it through different 3D scenes in the Minecraft block world . You goal is to follow the arrow and collect all stars along the way to your destination. Once you have reached your destination, you must steer the vehicle carefully into a parking spot. What out for the timer, you must do it before time runs out. Avoid crashes and collisions! Search for that game using our search bar to find a source.

And the last action game Break: 3D Block Style FPS. A great addition for any fan of Minecraft. This is Minecraft style FPS which stands for a first person shooting game. Your goal is to fight for your life against hordes of pixel zombies. First you will select your character and begin your quest in Break. Blood-sucking zombies are going to be coming at you from all around. Shoot 'em up to survive. Craft your skills to build some nice houses with the stuff you find. Look at the list with similar free Minecraft games to find more interesting adventures in Minecraft world.