Black Swan


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OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP CPU: 1 GHz RAM: 1GB

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All Ages

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Black Swan

Explore the haunted history of a ballet school while guided by spirits from another dimension!

Black Swan Download Free PC Game

Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time - after visiting performance of the closed ballet school for orphan girls you are getting a letter for help from one of the students, in which she appoints a meeting in the school yard. Upon arrival, you will find out that the girl, who handed you a note, mysteriously died. School students are submerged in a lethargic sleep and in this involved something that hidden in the building. Guided by memories of the dead girl, and the ghosts of students who died before, you have to pass through this school and find out what happened fifty years ago. Dive into mystical and mysterious world, save the innocent children's souls, and get out from that damned place. ...

Black Swan Download Game Features

  • Use your psychic ability to see the past
  • Beautiful soundtrack fitting the most famous ballets
  • Original artwork and scenery

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