Best Action Games to Download and Play

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Gaming world is so attached with the word ‘action games’. These games are focused on physical challenges and the users while playing are so attentive and sharp. Higher attention is a must while playing action games. This genre of games majorly includes Fighting games, Shooter games, Adventure games and the Platform games as well. Action games gave the players a feel of heroism which engages the gamers at their very best. Destroy your enemies and keep on surfing the missions. Here is the few highly suggested action packed games with their features. First one is:


gta 5 game download

This is a game hardly unknown to any gamer around the world; as it has a lot of the versions which are famous among the gamers. Full of actions and thrills, GTA V is a game full of adventures and interesting challenges. You can challenge almost everything around you to amuse yourself. You can do several missions which will pay you back in the game. This game has three amazing characters and you can customize them as per your demand. This is the second most expensive video game ever produced in the world. You can download this game via This game has won several awards from 2012 to 2014.


dishonored 2 game download

This action packed game has everything that you have loved about the previous part ‘Dishonored’. Some reviews say that this installment is even more improved with its impressive design. It is a layered game which has a lot of the surprises to reveal. The basic game play has a lot of the attractive features. Level design is also incredible as it has a lot of the thrills. This game is highly rated on Steam games and on all of the other platforms as well. It has won the award for best action and adventure game. It was designed by the Arkane Studios and later on published by Bethesda Softworks.


batman arkham knight download

Batman Arkham Knight is an action packed game which is famous all over the world for obvious reasons. This game is the fourth installment of the Batman series. Batman movie has also been a vital reason for the popularity of this game. Player has to fight all of the super criminals of Gotham city. You can experience the best of the Batman’s features while playing this game. It is available on all of the platforms to play and has won several gaming awards as well. It was released on 23 June 2015. It was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by the Warner Bros Interactive.


red dead redemption 2 game download

This action game was released in 2010 and took over the gaming world like a storm. It is an action cum adventure game which will let you experience a lot of the shocking wonders and thrills. This is the second title of Red Dead series. It has won several VGX awards after its release. You can explore the game world while playing this game. Red Dead Redemption 2 was also the eighth most expensive video game. It was declared the best game for many years after its release. It is a fiction game in which the player goes through the several cities on foot and on the horse as well.


battlefield 1 game download

This game will take you to the era of World War 1 where destruction is all around and you have to play your role at the Battlefield. You have the option to use several maps to destroy your enemies. Playing with friends is also an amazing feature of this game. Battlefield 1 emphasizes on the team work and it has different game modes to play. This action game was quite improved as compared to the previous installments. You can use destructive vehicles and latest weapons to fight your enemy. This is the fifteenth installment of the battlefield series. Battlefield 1 was highly recommended by the users. It was released on 21st October 2016.