How to download games. Access to over 350 Full Version Downloads at no cost!

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OK. Let's talk about how to download games to your computer or laptop. 

A process of transferring a game file onto your computer's hard drive is usually referred to as a "download". It is necessary to have the game's executable on your hard or a flash drive in order to set it up on your system and start playing.

Let's say you want to play some of your favorite genre games. What you would normally do is to go to a gaming site of your choice or just do a search for "download games" term or a similar one and hop onto a website. Usually what you find is that there are huge amount of site that have game downloads and vast majority of them are free trials. What that means is that you only have a number of days to play the game you have downloaded and it's a feature limited version.

After a trial ends you end up with having to pay of forget about that game download...

That's not the case here at FreeGamePick, because 99.9% of our games are unlimited full version games. What this means is that we have premium most popular games and game genres for you download free of charge. You will not spend a dime and will have hours of playing fun games! FreeGamePick have licensed hundreds of games for you to play for free! Thanks to our partners, you will not have a single advertisement in any of your free game downloads

Here's a shortcut on how to download games;

How to Download Free Games for PC and Install Games in 3 easy steps.

1) Click DOWNLOAD button and go to Game's page.
2) Click DOWNLOAD again, and save the file to your PC.
3) Run the file that you have downloaded/saved and follow the simple prompts.

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