Super Mario Rampage


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OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 CPU: 800 MHz RAM: 256 MB

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All Ages

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Super Mario Rampage

Mario is armed with a shotgun!

Super Mario Rampage Download Free PC Game

Armed with a shotgun, players take on the role of favorite NES cartoon character Mario, shooting everything in sight while avoiding numerous hazards and obstacles. A unique keyboard driven aim-and-shoot playing system lends variety and challenge. Flash animation adds color and ensures smooth gameplay. A lively music track and great sound effects complete the experience. ...

Super Mario Rampage Download Game Features

  • Free Mario Games by Fans!
  • Arcade game classic twist
  • A funny Mario shotgun shooting game
  • Collect coins to raise the score
  • Lively music track and great sound effects
  • Download Free Mario Game Now and Play!

Game Screenshots