Is your download speed fast enough for games?

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The Internet has become the most important part of every human’s life around the globe as the entire world is revolving in the palms. The United States of America is known as the most developed country in the world. But what is the current situation of internet usage in the US? How good is the speed of internet on mobile devices and on fixed internet connections in the US? Well, The US is ranked twenty-eighth in terms of internet speed if compared to the other countries of the world. While the internet speed on proper wired connections in America is far better than on the mobile phones. The average speed of internet in the US is 10 Mbps. The United States is far behind in this sector. Nowadays almost eighty percent of the internet users are using this facility on mobile phones.

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Internet technologies like 5g are still in the process of establishing in the US. They are working on this issue. Many schools in several districts of the US lack good internet speed. Internet facility is extremely important for the students in terms of self-development. Internet reforms are not on the priority list of the government in the US. The Internet is a public utility and everyone needs a good speed of it. There are several discrepancies reported in this issue. Rural communities of the United States mainly lack this facility. One of the US courts recently ordered to assure the high-speed internet access to every citizen of the country. A tiny town Ephrata in the US has the fastest speed of internet that is 85.5 Mbps. Secondly; it’s the Kansas City which receives 49.9 Mbps.Internet speeds are slowest in the areas of Northern Arizona; that is 1.5 Mbps and these areas are populated with the Native Americans mostly.

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Well, if you compare the internet facilities available in the US with some of the other developed countries of the world. You will come to know that South Korea and the United Kingdom are number one in terms of providing the internet speed to their citizens. With that, these are some of the countries which are also named in the top twenty-five fastest internet providers to their citizens: Germany, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Japan, Kenya, and Indonesia. To make it more clear, let me give you an example; like an HD video takes some seconds to download in countries like Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong and France and they charge around thirty dollars for this kind of fast connection monthly. On the other hand, an HD video will take more than a minute to download in the US and they are charging around three hundred dollars per month. The difference is bigger and quite clear.

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Technology is not the reason behind this problem in the US; the real issue is the policy of the government. The government of the US does not look forward to designing a proper policy to resolve this issue in the whole country. Another reason is that the internet industry lacks competitors in the United States and the monopoly is working well for the few service providers. People of the US are suffering a lot because of this particular issue. Expensive and slow speed internet is not the perfect match for the citizens.

Let’s talk about the downloading of casual games around the world. Casual games are smaller in size and many of them are worldwide famous among the gamers. The size of any game really matters a lot. A vital benefit of these games is that you can even download them with the lowest internet speed available. Likewise, we have been discussing earlier in this article about the problems of slow speed internet in the USA. There are many casual games which are smallest in size but also have the rich and high-quality graphics. Games like Angry Birds and Mafia Wars are the open and successful examples of the casual games. These games are smaller in size but bigger in content. According to a research, games which are smaller in size are sold in higher numbers in the gaming market. These games never put a load on your systems as well.