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Hello brave and strong guest of our site! You found a category of free fighting games. In this game genre the player controls a character and engages in close combat with an opponent. These characters can have equal power and fight matches consisting of several rounds, which take place in an arena. Players must learning different techniques such as counter-attacking, blocking, and chains attacks called as "combos". This type of action genre includes many diverse fightings with one goal defeat your opponent. In some fighting games online you need to improve your character and upgrade his abilities to become stronger.

All of the best fighting games from that category absolutely free and contain with every platform you want to try. There are a PC, online and mobile fighting. Let's look some fighting titles more closer. We offer you to play classic fighting online title Street Fighter. Your goal is to win battle with your enemy. You can enjoy it with friend because this online game include 2 players mode. Also take a look on Mutant Fighting Cup 2016 - Cat Edition. It is very funny modern online fighting title. You will battle for the monster cat championship. First time your kitty will be weak. Grow it to the mighty monster. Let it mutate to a bloody beast. Prepare it for incredible brutal turn-based strategy fights against other mutated opponents ahead.

That's all and now choose from a list an entertainment that you like and start enjoy real battles! Feel like a real powerful fighter and let down your opponents. If you do not have experience to fight them train a lot to improve your fighting skills. In majority of this fightings you can play with friend. Good luck!