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FreeGamePick team have collected here the best and more popular police car games full of adrenaline. If you want to feel like a brave policeman or a conversely lawbreaker if this entertainments is a very good choice for you. This section has are a lot of police car games of different genres. These genre has been popular for all times because it's very exciting and includes many action moments. Choose your side - good or bad, police or a criminal and start some interesting adventure.

We can present you with some best police chase games. Racers vs Police is a very action game. You will be involved in street racing. Put the pedal to the metal and feel the rush of the race in this app! This PC version is easy to install. Wait a few second and start your race. For online gamers we can offer to try Super Sneak. Meet Rusty. He has going to marry Sophie, but she said him that he must give her a lot of expensive things for that. Sofie give a big wish list to Rusty and say that he can not return without this things. So he decide to became a robber. What happens next? You will known only while playing this game.

If you want some crazy fun try Graffiti Time and be a bad guy. Your goal is to spray your artwork all over the city. Spread your trademark style without getting caught by the cops. Look at the list of police apps and choose an app that you will play.